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This was a fun cake that I made for my friend’s daughter’s sweet 16.  I think 3-D cakes are so awesome!

Gigi's Basketball

This was a fun twist on covering with fondant that my friend Allison perfected.  Thanks Allison!

25th birthday for a fan of animal prints

A coworker wanted a special cake for his wife’s birthday.  I hand painted the Coach logos on the ribbons. 

Coach cake

This is my most recent fondant birthday cake.  A friend gave her favorite brother a mercedes years ago, and wanted to re-create the gift.  I did some carving and detailing to replicate the car. 

Mercedes Kompressor

So this was my first (and only, so far) baby shower cake.  It was super fun to make.  I really like the look of the fondant cutouts. 

Baby shower

 Amazingly enough, 10 ladies at work had babies last year, and this was the only cake I did…..I guess I’ll be ready for the next round!

I made this cake for a regular at my husband’s bar.  She was concerned that no one would remember her birthday….but we did!

Basket of Roses

I made this cake when I just had too much left over stuff….icing, cakes, fillings….The girls at work were more than happy to get rid of my overflow.  This cake disappeared faster than any other I ever took to work!

Fun cake for the girls at work!


This cake was one I made for a group of regulars at my husband’s bar (Highland’s Grill).  The guys from Marietta Motorsports come out for bike night every Tuesday night.  This was a lemon cake with blueberry cream cheese filling.  Amazing!

Sport Bike Night!

This was a cake that I made for my “bonding weekend” with my sister.  A group of ladies gets together at the Athens YWCO camp every fall for “Wild Women in the Woods” weekend.  It sounds cheesy, but is a lot of fun, and the cake was a big hit!  This year’s theme was “Christmas at Camp,” hence the color scheme and the presents.

WWW cake

I made this one for my daughter’s high school basketball banquet.  She goes to Woodstock High.

Woodstock Wolverines

Christmas cake….poinsettas made with royal icing.  Chocolate fudge with chocolate icing.

Merry Christmas Cake

My daughter asked me to make a cake for a student teacher at her school.  Sweet girl!  She did some undercover snooping, and found out that the teacher’s favorite flavors were chocolate and peanut butter.  And presto!! That’s what she got!

Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and chocolate buttercream icing

For a good friend….her little man turned 2 and loves “Go Diego Go!”

Go Diego Go

This cake was a special request from a coworker who is a big LSU fan.  The big cake was for the party, and the small one was made as a smash cake for the birthday boy.

First Birthday!

A friend asked if I could do a sea creature theme for her son’s birthday.  I had no idea what to do, especially since he wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  I made the creatures out of chocolate and used graham crackers to make the sand.

Sea Creature Cake

This cake was more impressive on the inside.  Chocolate cake (with chocolate chips inside) and I made a cannoli filling.  It was amazing!

"Shadow" from Sonic the Hedgehog

 Another strawberry cake with cream cheese.  This little girl wanted to have a Hannah Montana theme as a joke on her friends.  Fun!

Hannah Montana

Dairy and Egg free smash cake with "regular" cake for the party guests!

My coworker and friend, Heather, ordered this cake.  She gave me nothing to go on, other than Teagan has allergies.  The smash cake was custom for Teags, and the big cake was chocolate with cannoli filling.

Not to say that these aren’t “special” cakes, but they have no particular theme or direction.

Chocolate with pink dasies

This one is a little more detailed.  Made for a gambler that frequents my husband’s bar.  Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing, and a slot machine piped on top!

Mary's Slot Machine Cake

Office birthdays

Office Birthdays....

I had a request for a beer can cake.  This one was shaped like a can laying on its side, and I altered the logo to include the birthday boy’s name and statistics.

PBR Birthday Beer Can

The next fun birthday request was for a crabby cake.  This one was a big hit! 

Sarah's Crabby CakeThis cake was for a 4th birthday party. She wanted a cake from the movie "Cars," but it had to be "Sally" Sally from the movie "Cars"



This cake was fun and easy….book shaped “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”  Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling, and red icing sure to dye everyone’s mouths at the party!

9th birthday cake.....Diary of a Wimpy Kid

My friend Allison helped me prepare for a house full of teenagers.  My daughter had a huge halloween party, and we had a blast getting ready for it!

Haunted House Cake

The cake was the main event, but we also had brownie ghost pops, candy eyeballs, and candy coated pretzels!

Brownie Ghost Pops

Candy Eyeballs

Candy Coated Pretzels

This cake was the one we worked on in class.  The flowers are made of royal icing and are amazing!  Roses, mums, apple blossoms, violets, daffodils, dasies, primroses…oh my!

Fall themed basket of flowers

This is a similar cake that I made for my mom!  I made a coconut cake with coconut filling and used tinted coconut to make the “leaves” instead of icing. 

Mom's basket of Daffodils

I’m going to try to go in order, and you’ll definitely see a progression.  These cakes are those that I worked on in cake class or did for practice!

Course 1 final cake

wedding cake for classJust for fun...First real cake from class

  • cakesbyadrianna: Vanessa, Please email me with details and I will let you know if I can.
  • Vanessa O'Hara: Are you available May 21, 2011 for creating a Baptism cake?
  • Satilla: I love this one! What did you make the sides with? I like that idea for the wedding cake.